Boston Blackthorne, one of New England's premiere Celtic bands, has released its second album County Kerry to Kerry Park. The album features original songs and jigs in a traditional Irish motif with driving rhythms, instrumentation including fiddle, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, 4 & 5 string banjos, bass and drums and tight vocal harmonies.

The album was recorded in the Spring of 2010 at Signature Sounds recording studio with noted engineer Mark Thayer at the controls. Boston Blackthorne is unique in that several members of the band are award-winning songwriters, having written about contemporary subjects in the context of traditional music as it has been played for centuries. The CD follows a theme in which the traditional music of County Kerry, Ireland crosses the pond to Kerry Park in Holyoke, Massachusetts where it takes on aspects of American folk, country and bluegrass music.

Step inside our site and take an audio and visual tour of the band and its music. Follow the O'Connor family from early 20th century emigration, through the Great Depression and a landing on Normandy beach. Listen to the sounds of seafaring life from a Scottish schooner to the sorrowful song of a press gang member to a lament for the modern-day New England fishing industry. If you enjoy Celtic music with one foot in the tradition and the other in the future you will be delighted by the sights and sounds of County Kerry to Kerry Park.

Boston Blackthorne releases County Kerry to Kerry Park

Driving Celtic and Irish American Traditional and Original Music

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